The Duffy 35LOA: 35'  |  LWL: 33' 4"  |  Beam: 11' 10"

Not only is The Duffy 35 the most popular boat in our line it is one of the most popular lobster boats of all time with over 370 hulls built since 1982. The Duffy 35 is a built down hull with a fine forefoot and flat after sections producing good speed and the excellent ride that Duffy’s are famous for. Over the years the Duffy 35 has proven itself to be a safe and stable boat in all but the most severe sea conditions.

We celebrated the 350th Duffy 35 in 2002 by building a new hull mold for the 35. New for 2003 are two new deck molds. One work boat deck mold (steering bulkhead at 21'6") and a cruiser deck (steering bulkhead at 19'6"). Separate roofs are available for both deck molds. There is standing head room down forward with both the cruiser and work boat deck.

In addition to the hundreds of commercial lobster boats built on this hull the Duffy 35 has been hugely popular with commercial tuna fishermen and sport fishermen. She is a good moderately sized boat, large enough to range offshore in spring, summer, and fall conditions the 100+ miles that tuna fishing requires and small enough to do so with speed and fuel efficiency. Her reputation of excellent seaworthiness has been earned through hard work on the water over a twenty year period.

Duffy 35's have been built with as little as 200hp and as much as 700hp but most 35's today are being built with 225 to 500hp resulting in speeds, depending on weight, from 18 to 30+ knots. In work boat configuration an engine box is required.

As a cruiser the Duffy 35 can accommodate a number of layouts including galley up or down with either a straight or L counter. The head can be a head/shower combo or head w/separate shower. The main cabin length can be varied to accommodate different salon and cockpit layouts. Quite a number of successful Flybridge cruisers have been built as well.

As with all of our boats the Duffy 35 can be purchased as a finished boat or a kit finished to any stage of completion.

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In addition to the information on our website, we have individual brochures available for each of the 12 sizes we build as well as standard layout drawings. Atlantic Boat Company gives boatyard tours all year. Please contact us for an appointment and see first hand the quality we build into our boats. All of our boats are built to order and we work closely with each customer to design their boat according to their desires, needs, and budget.