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Why a boat from Atlantic Boat Company?

Atlantic Boat Company is a family owned business operating a waterfront facility on 37 acres in Brooklin, Maine. Founded in 1995 by the merger of Duffy & Duffy and Flye Point Marine, Atlantic Boat Company carries on its predecessor's custom of building traditional Downeast lobster boats. Since the 1970s, over 1,500 hulls have been built for fishermen, cruisers, and sport fishing enthusiasts. The Duffy and BHM line of hulls are time-proven and our dedicated employees carry on that long-standing tradition of high-quality, Downeast boatbuilding.

Proven Downeast Semi Displacement Hulls: Both the name Duffy & Duffy and BHM are synonymous with the reputation that Downeast boats have earned. These hulls have been developed over the last 150 years for the rigors of fishing off the Maine coast. With a full keel, flat after sections and a fine entry, our hulls have proven themselves steady in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

About Atlantic Boat Company

About Atlantic Boat Company - Brooklin ME

Performance: Our boats are more stable, ride better, and are much more fuel efficient than twin engine V shaped hulls of equal weight and horse power.

Safety: Built down, Downeast boats in general are sea kindly and safe in all kinds of sea conditions. All of our designs have a full keel and skeg to protect the underbody, drive train, propeller and rudder. Due to the full keel, Duffy's and BHM's drift sideways much more slowly than V hulled boats. This allows a Duffy with a bow thruster to more easily maneuver in tight, windy conditions than a twin V hull.

Rugged Construction: Whether you are purchasing a commercial lobster boat or a cruiser, we are committed to building to the same standards of durability. For over twenty-five years we have analyzed our construction and continually made improvements in both materials and techniques to produce boats that are exceptionally sound, easy to maintain, and long lasting. While over the years we have developed a very efficient building process, there are no assembly lines here. Our employees take great pride in every aspect of the boats that they build, from the hull laminates through the final trim. Each boat is built with an eye towards overall performance, the owner's needs and desires, classic good looks, and overall integrity.

Outstanding Long-Term Value: Our classic designs, rugged construction, and quality finish result in a boat that is a joy to own and will hold it's value over time. Our boats are in the highest demand on the used market and command the best prices of all Downeast boats.

Our Approach to Boat Building

Our goal is to build boats that are beautiful but also practical to own. Starting with our built down hulls, the most sea worthy of lobster boat types, we add building techniques and materials chosen for efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance.

Hulls: Our hulls are hand laminated in our own one piece molds utilizing machine catalyzed polyester resins with vinylester skin layers to prevent osmotic blistering. We do not use chopper guns. We utilize modern stitched biaxial cloths allowing for a very high glass to resin ratio for maximum strength and light weight. All of our molded parts are weighed to monitor our stringent laminating standards. Hulls can be solid fiberglass or foam cored to the water line depending on the weight objectives and customer preference. Cored hulls are vacuum bagged. Longitudinal stringers are high density foam cored. We utilize four composite panel transverse bulkheads in addition to the four longitudinal stringers producing an extremely rigid hull. All areas below decks are gelcoated for a clean look and easy maintenance. Colored hulls are available in either gelcoat or Awl-Grip. Each year we build over 40 hulls.

Drivetrain: All of our boats are diesel powered. That said, we use engines from a variety of engine manufacturers depending on the horse power required and the owner's preference. Engines are soft mounted on aluminum beds as low as possible in the hull, taking full advantage of the built down shape. Shafts are Aquament 22 or equivalent and sized for a 5 to 1 safety margin. We utilize tube type mounting with dripless shaft seal, for low maintenance, a clean bilge and a clean flow of water to the propeller. Below 35 feet, we use 4 blade propellers. Above 35 feet we use 5 blade propellers for their smoothness and "punch" in rough water. Fuel tanks are fiberglass, fully baffled, and glassed to the hull.

Decks: Decks are composite panel, framed with 3" fiberglass I beams. Stanchions are aluminum weldments with sound isolators. All hatch openings are sealed and reinforced with solid fiberglass trim rings and double gasketed for sound suppression. The engine room sound insulation is 3" foam with a double vinyl barrier. All interior engine room surfaces are perforated powder coated aluminum sheeting for a clean, easy to maintain surface.

Interior: Interior walls of composite panel are glassed into place, adding to the rigidity and easy of maintenance of the whole structure. All interior surfaces are faired and sprayed with a gel coat finish. While we provide "standard" arrangements, each boat is hand built and interior layouts can be changed to meet customer's needs and desires. Interiors can be very simple or elaborate depending on customer's desires and budget.

Exterior: Exteriors can be gelcoat finish for ease of maintenance or trimmed in wood. All deck hardware is through bolted with backing plates through solid fiberglass. Walking areas can be non-skid or teak. Lockers, fish holds, etc. are of composite panel and gelcoated inside and out.

Additional Information

In addition to the information on our website, we have individual brochures available for each of the 12 sizes we build as well as standard layout drawings. Atlantic Boat Company gives boatyard tours all year. Please contact us for an appointment and see first hand the quality we build into our boats. All of our boats are built to order and we work closely with each customer to design their boat according to their desires, needs, and budget.

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